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Heinz Helping Travelers Whose Teams Didn’t Make it to the Super Bowl



Source: Dejak/AP

There’s nothing worse than optimistically booking a ticket to the Super Bowl only to find out your favorite team didn’t make the cut.

Fortunately, Heinz is here to help travelers whose wishful thinking led them to book a flight to Miami to watch Super Bowl LIV, by offering to reroute their airline ticket.
According to a press release from the ketchup company, “Heinz is offering to cover your change fees to reroute your Miami-bound flight to a destination of your choice for just 57 cents.”

To be eligible, fans must have booked their ticket prior to midnight on January 15, 2020. The ticket must be booked through a domestic airline and show an arrival date between January 29 and February 2, 2020, at Miami International Airport.

To take advantage of the deal, simply visit to complete the registration.

Heinz is sweetening the deal by also awarding 300 grand prize winners with a “Flight Change Refund” of $199.34 on a Visa prepaid card!