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Dubai Constructing $5 Billion Mega Resort

Source: Heart of Europe

Dubai is in the midst of constructing a truly phenomenal mega-resort costing a whopping $5 billion.

Once completed, the ‘Heart of Europe’ will be the latest installment of the country’s “The World” – an artificial archipelago of 300 islands in the shape of the world map.

According to CNN, the Heart of Europe is made up of six of the man-made islands styled after European countries and cities. Once completed it will be able to accommodate 16,000 tourists looking to indulge in a truly luxurious vacation.

Comprising of 13 hotels and resorts, together with more than 4,000 vacation homes, the Heart of Europe will span six million square feet and will feature climate-controlled streets, underwater bedrooms and a fantastic coral reef providing ample opportunity for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The biggest island, Main Europe, will take inspiration from Rome, Andalusia, Vienna, and the Cote d’Azure, with a Floating Venice sitting alongside. Separate islands will feature Sweden, St. Petersburg, Monaco, Switzerland, and Germany.

According to CNN, “the first phase of construction includes 10 waterfront “palaces” on Sweden Island, 32 villas on Germany Island and 78 floating homes dubbed “Floating Seahorses” surrounding St Petersburg Island.”

Josef Kleindienst told CNN that the group is hoping to finish the entire project by 2020, just in time for the World Expo. “Expo 2020 is the time where everyone on this planet should come and visit Dubai,” Kleindienst remarked.

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