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Editorial Policies

Ownership and Funding Information

Bon Voyaged is proudly owned and operated by Mind Tank Media LLC, a corporation based in Florida. Mind Tank Media LLC is a private, self-funding company with no outside investors.

Revenue and Advertising Policy

The primary source of Mind Tank Media’s revenue stems from programmatic advertising, leveraging platforms of high repute, including Google, to serve ads. This model ensures that our editorial team remains unaffected by direct advertising sales and brand partnerships, safeguarding our editorial independence. The team dedicated to our editorial content does not participate in the management of programmatic advertising operations, thereby maintaining a clear separation from the business aspects that drive revenue.

Our commitment to editorial integrity means that advertisements and programmatic ad content do not influence our editorial direction. Our operations team is committed to upholding a high standard of ad quality to enhance user experience.

Should there be a direct advertising campaign, affiliate link, or sponsorship agreement, we guarantee transparency by clearly marking such content with a disclosure statement, aligning with our ethical standards.

Fact-Checking Policy

Commitment to Accuracy:
We dedicate ourselves to the accuracy and timeliness of our articles. Should we identify any inaccuracies, we promptly rectify these errors to maintain the integrity of our content.

Ongoing Review Process:
We regularly review our content to ensure its relevancy and accuracy, guaranteeing our audience access to the most current and reliable information.

Rigorous Sourcing:
Our dedication to factual accuracy drives us to meticulously verify our sources, prioritizing original sources and providing full transparency through direct links. Unsupported claims have no place in our content.

Authentic Quotations:
We prioritize authenticity in our reporting, using direct quotations to accurately represent the voices of our subjects, ensuring fairness and precision in our narratives.

Responsible Use Of AI

At Mind Tank Media, we prioritize authenticity in our research and writing without making any compromises. To ensure our audience receives content of the highest accuracy and value, we verify the identity of every author contributing to Mind Tank Media and its associated websites. Every piece of content created under Mind Tank Media undergoes stringent AI detection assessments and is published only after receiving approval from the respective site’s editorial team. We adhere strictly to a policy that prohibits the use of artificial intelligence in content creation unless used with human editorial supervision. Our editors use generative AI as a tool to improve and assist with writing tasks such as searching for trending topics, finding reputable sources and fact-checking. We believe that generative AI is be a powerful tool to enhance our journalism and we are committed to using it responsibly and ethically for our readers.

Ethics Policy

Contextual Integrity:
Beyond factual accuracy, we consider the broader implications of our reporting, striving for fairness and contextual awareness to present a comprehensive view of the stories we cover.

Transparency in Conflicts of Interest:
We are vigilant in identifying and disclosing any potential conflicts of interest, ensuring our content remains unbiased and transparent.

Content Distinction:
We clearly label opinion pieces and disclose any affiliate links or sponsorships, upholding transparency and integrity in our content.

Privacy and Public Figures:
Our coverage focuses on public personalities, respecting the privacy boundaries of individuals outside the public domain.

Diversity and Inclusion:
Our diverse team reflects a multitude of perspectives, and we are committed to fostering inclusivity, ensuring our content resonates with and respects all audiences.

Corrections Policy

Commitment to Correction:
We are dedicated to correcting inaccuracies, promptly updating our content to prevent misinformation and maintain trust with our audience.

Transparency in Updates:
Significant updates are clearly noted, reflecting our commitment to accuracy and accountability in our reporting.

If you have a correction for an article, it can be submitted at