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Visiting Bethlehem for Christmas? There’s an App for That!



Source: CNS Photo/Debbie Hill

With tourists flocking in their masses to visit the Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity (the church built on the site Jesus is believed to have been born), catching a glimpse of the historical Christian site can prove difficult.
Fortunately, there’s an app that is being developed to help organize pilgrims and tourists by implementing an advance reservation system helping to ease the flow of people who normally wait hours to visit the underground grotto where Jesus was born in a manger, according to RelaxNews.

Although the app is still in the developmental stage and won’t be rolled out until next year, religious leaders say such an app is necessary in order to allow better access.

“There are times for us when there are specific prayers, celebrations, or masses, or with all the sects praying,” Orthodox priest Issa Thaljieh told the AFP outside of the Church of the Nativity. “So of course there is a huge squeeze. With the app, everyone will know what time to enter and which groups are there, so it will become more organized.”

Not only will the app allow for advance reservations to visit the site, it will also provide information about the church.