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Why This Section of the Airport is the Most Dangerous



Source: Getty Images

With so many growing fears surrounding the covid 19 virus, many people are feeling anxious about whether they should travel, or whether they should stay home.

But what if you don’t have a choice and need to travel? According to numerous travel experts there is one section of the airport in particular you should place close attention to.

The security section of any airport, in particular the trays in which we place our items, can be a literal hotbed of germs.

With people moving through security from all over the world, the security area can be a veritable smorgasbord of nasty viruses.

To help protect yourself, travel pros suggest you take a few extra minutes after moving through security to do some important disinfecting.

Make sure to carry a travel-sized pack of Clorox wipes with you. Wipe down anything that has been placed inside the plastic bins before placing back into your bags, or onto your body. Likewise, make sure you carry a travel-compliant bottle of hand sanitizer and give your hands a good clean – or head to the bathroom for a thorough hand washing.

Although it may be difficult in a busy airport, travel industry professionals suggest trying to steer clear of people who are exhibiting signs of sickness, such as coughing – and avoid physical contact wherever possible.