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Disneyland Fan Sets World Record for Visiting Park 2,995 Days in a Row



Source: Disneyland Resort

A Disneyland fan has set a new world record by visiting the California theme park for 2,995 days in a row!

According to the Los Angeles Times, after facing unemployment in 2012, Jeff Reitz started taking daily trips to Disneyland courtesy of an annual pass he was gifted. The daily trips to the theme park gave Reitz a welcome break from looking for work and a chance to exercise.
After 60 consecutive days of visiting the park, Reitz wondered whether his daily visits to Disneyland could be something special.

And he wasn’t wrong!
According to the Los Angeles Times, Guinness World Records recognized the 50-year-old as the world record holder for the most consecutive visits to Disneyland. It’s unlikely Reitz will lose his title anytime soon now that daily visits aren’t guaranteed due to the park’s reservation system.

“I was actually shocked,” Reitz said in a statement reported by the Los Angeles Times. “I wasn’t actively going for a Guinness World Record all eight years. It was just something I was keeping track of.”