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Passengers Aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Post Videos of Terrifying Swells and Damage



Source: Ander Gillenea/AFP/Getty Images

Passengers aboard Royal Caribbean “Anthem of the Seas” Cruise line were expecting a 7-day cruise departing from Bayonne, New Jersey and traveling to Florida and the Bahamas. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the ship was forced to turn around and head back to port while en route to Port Canaveral, Fla.

Unexpected high winds spawning massive swells forced passengers to remain in their cabins on Sunday until the weather calmed early Monday morning when the cruise ship returned to port.
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Winds topped at 150 miles per hour and 40-foot waves slammed the ship.
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Although no one was seriously injured, the ship suffered damage from the hurricane-force winds. In one section of the vessel, the roof collapsed and giant waves sent the ship rocking knocking over furniture and sent glassware shattering. One passenger posted a snapshot of the kitchen, showing all the utensils and pots and pans scattered throughout the area due to the intense swaying of the ship.
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The company released a statement saying, “We know it was tough day on Sunday and apologize for their discomfort. We also thank our captain and crew for guiding the ship safely back to better weather.” The statement continued, “Safety is our highest priority and ships are designed to withstand even more extreme circumstances than Anthem of the Seas encountered.”

The company vowed to provide passengers with a full refund and offer a gift certificate for 50 percent of the cruise fare paid for future use.

Source: ABC