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Delta Faces Harsh Criticism Following Spring Break Travel Fiasco



Source: Delta

Delta is facing some harsh criticism from travelers following huge delays over the busy Spring Break travel period.

After severe weather caused havoc on flight schedules, Delta was forced to cancel around 3,275 flights, leaving a backlog that proved incredibly hard to shift for the US airline.

The repercussions of the cancellations carried on well into the weekend with Delta forced to cancel 130 flights on Sunday due to “availability of flight crews to operate within federally mandated crew rest and duty day guidelines.”

Naturally social media was abuzz with customers tweeting their discontent.

Even celebrities got in on the action, including comedian Jeffrey Ross and Chrisley Knows Best dad, Todd Chrisley.

As for poor Governor Mike Huckabee, he suffered delays and lost baggage!

Fortunately Delta is finally back on the flight path to recovery. With weather improving, the airline’s flights for today have mostly been on time.