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Expedia Will No Longer Sell Tickets to SeaWorld



Source: SeaWorld

Travel booking site Expedia has announced they will no longer sell tickets to SeaWorld or any “swim with dolphins” attractions on its site after mounting pressure from animal welfare groups, including World Animal Protection (WAP) and PETA.

According to VegNews, the travel giant updated its policy to “prohibit activities that feature interactions with or performances by dolphins, whales and other cetaceans.”
Expedia joins other companies, including Southwest Airlines, AAA, TripAdvisor, WestJet, and most recently, which have all pledged to stop selling tickets to SeaWorld.
“We at World Animal Protection are thrilled about the travel site’s announcement just hours before our offline action near their headquarters in Seattle,” Cameron Harsh, Programs Director, World Animal Protection, US said in a statement reported by VegNews. “It is a significant step towards ending dolphin cruelty and making this the last generation of dolphins and whales in captivity for entertainment. We endorse Expedia Group’s decision and urge them to implement it fully as soon possible. World Animal Protection expects to see more travel companies that have yet to take this step do the same.”