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Sustainable Tourism on the Rise in 2020



Source: Pinterest

Sustainable tourism is on the rise in 2020, according to a report from travel consultancy company, Bannikin Travel & Tourism.
According to TravelPulse, Bannikin Travel & Tourism suggests sustainable tourism will be hot in 2020, with more travelers concerned about environmentally conscious travel.

“Over the last few years, travelers have been getting serious about lowering their environmental impact, focusing on local experiences and supporting regional economies,” TravelPulse reports Bannikin CEO Jillian Dickens as saying. “As we enter this new decade, we’re seeing companies reacting to this shift in consumer behavior in more focused and innovative ways; embracing challenges like sourcing local food, leading the rewilding movement, even embarking on the world’s first zero-waste challenge.”

“In 2020, we will see the travel industry confronting its role in climate change even further, and determine how to be a positive force in this global conversation,” Dickens revealed.
According to National Geographic, sustainable tourism means “engaging travelers and the travel industry at large in supporting goals that include protecting the environment, addressing climate change, minimizing plastic consumption, and expanding economic development in communities affected by tourism,” in response to the consequences of overtourism we are currently facing.