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Miami Beach Restricts Alcohol Sales for Spring Break



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As thousands of spring breakers set to descend on Miami Beach, the city voted during a special commission meeting last week to restrict alcohol sales after 2 a.m. in certain areas.

According to CNN, the restrictions will take place between March 7 and March 21 (the busiest two weeks of the spring break season) and will affect all businesses south of 16th street that offer on-site drinking.

“During March … on either side of St. Patrick’s Day, at the high point of spring break…the disorder in our city is intolerable. It’s just that simple,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told CNN.

The current cut-off time for alcohol sales throughout much of the city is 5 a.m.

According to the Miami Herald, the restriction comes after last year’s spring break mayhem which led to the city having to enforce an 8 p.m. curfew after disorderly crowds led to clashes with police.

“For the hardship it may deliver, I’m sorry,” Gelber said in a statement reported by the Miami Herald. “But from our point of view, going through that two-week period…is a danger to the public. It’s a proven danger to the public.”