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Venice to Become World’s First City to Charge Tourists to Enter



Source: Shutterstock

In an effort to combat the effects of over-tourism, Venice will become the world’s first city to charge tourists to enter.

According to The Telegraph, Venice, Italy, is set to introduce a booking system whereby tourists will have to pay an entrance fee of up to 10 euros to enter the city.

The amount will vary according to how busy the city is, with visits over Easter, the summer holidays and special events costing 10 euros. During quiet times of the year, the entrance fee will be around 3 euros.

Venice, Italy, has been combatting overcrowding – or “La Serenissima” – for years, and authorities say the new booking system is vital to try and taper down the number of tourists that descend on the popular vacation hotspot.

“We are well aware that we are the first city in the world to introduce this fairly revolutionary move,” Simone Venturi, the city official in charge of tourism, said in a statement reported by The Telegraph. “We need to balance the needs of tourists with the needs of the people who live in Venice.”

Although there will be no cap on the number of tourists that can enter the city on any given day, those caught trying to evade the entrance fee will face a fine of up to 300 euros and criminal prosecution.