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Cruise Ship With 800 Positive COVID Cases Docks in Australia



Source: Shutterstock

A cruise ship containing 800 passengers with COVID-19 has docked in Sydney, Australia.
According to USA Today, the Majestic Princess, which returned from New Zealand, had over 4,000 people on board. Many COVID-19 cases began to be detected about halfway through the 12-day voyage.
“Reflective of the increase in community transmissions, we too have seen more guests test positive for COVID-19 on the current voyage of Majestic Princess. This is a result of mass testing of our 3,300 guests,” the president of cruise operator Carnival Australia, Marguerite Fitzgerald, said in a statement.
In a statement reported by USA Today, Princess Cruises revealed that all guests onboard the cruise took a rapid antigen test within less than a day of disembarking. Passengers who had tested positive would exit separately and not take public transportation.
According to the BBC, all cases were either asymptomatic or mild.