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Just How Many Coins Are Thrown Into Rome’s Trevi Fountain Each Year?



Source: Wikimedia

A squabble between the Vatican and the Mayor of Rome has brought to light just how many coins are thrown into the infamous Trevi Fountain each year.

Crowds of tourists flock to Rome each year to experience the stunning history and architecture the city has to offer and try their hand at a little luck by tossing a coin into the fountain, which sits adorned by marble statues overlooking the waters said to bring romance for those looking for love.

Historically coins collected each year from the fountain are donated to Caritas, a charity run by the Catholic Church, which helps the poor and homeless. Recently the Mayor of Rome suggested allocating the coins to the council to be used for routine maintenance and social welfare projects.

That suggestion was met with outcry, causing the Mayor to make an abrupt U-turn on the suggestion, but it did reveal a whopping 1.5 million Euros (approximately $1.7 million) in coins are thrown into the fountain each year!