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Major Cruise Line Sued Over Severed Finger



Source: Getty Images
A passenger is suing Carnival Cruise Line’s parent company after an injury sustained onboard a cruise in September 2022 led to a severed finger.
According to the USA Today, William Tuttle was injured after his cabin’s balcony door unexpectedly closed with “substantial force” hitting his right index finger. As a result, Tuttle had to have his finger amputated.
“There is an industry-wide issue among the cruise industry, where passengers are inadequately warned about the significant force with which cabin and balcony doors can unexpectedly close,” Robert L. Gardana, an attorney for Tuttle, told USA TODAY in an emailed statement. “The warnings provided, if any, are insufficient to appraise passengers of the true extent of the danger posed by these doors closing forcefully.”
According to USA Today, court documents allege the cruise line allowed Tuttle to enter the cabin when “it knew or should have known that the subject cabin balcony door was malfunctioning and the calibration of the regulator of the door and/or the closing mechanism was not properly adjusted resulting in an unreasonably dangerous condition.”