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United Airlines Sued by Owners of Giant Rabbit



Source: United

The owners of a giant rabbit are suing United Airlines after the bunny was found dead in a kennel during a layover in Chicago.
Source: Caters

Simon, the giant rabbit, was on his way to the Iowa State Fair from his home in the United Kingdom where his owners – a group of Iowa businessmen – hoped he would surpass his father’s title as World’s Largest Rabbit.

The lawsuit alleges United Airlines employees were responsible for Simon’s death, writing, “The circumstances and cause of Simon’s death remain highly suspicious.” Legal papers reveal United Airlines staff immediately cremated Simon’s body without the permission of his owners and before a necropsy could determine how he passed away.

At the time of Simon’s death in early April, an attorney for the rabbit’s owners said it was possible Simon had been placed in a freezer for 16 hours upon landing. United Airlines deny these allegations.

A spokesperson for United Airlines issued a statement, saying, “We were saddened by Simon’s death in April. We have received this complaint and are currently reviewing it.”