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San Antonio Water Park Named One of the “World’s Greatest Places”



Source: Morgans Wonderland

A San Antonio water park has been named one of the “World’s Greatest Places” by Time magazine, thanks to its ultra accessibility.
Morgan’s Inspiration Island is not only a fabulous water park, it was also designed to be accessible to people with special needs by developer Gordon Hartman, who has a daughter on the autism spectrum.

The water park offers waterproof wheelchairs to guests needing them and the park’s water is set to different temperatures to accommodate those with sensitivities. A portion of the park’s employees also includes those with special needs.

“We’re truly gratified to receive this international recognition from such a well-known publication as TIME,” general manager Ron Morander said in a statement. “It’s wonderful that TIME understands our emphasis on inclusion, bringing together those with or without special needs in a safe, colorful, barrier-free environment to have fun and, in doing so, to gain a better understanding of each other.”
“What Morgan’s Wonderland represents in many ways is this culture that is ultra accessible and fully inclusive,” Hartman told People. “When we say ultra accessibility that means that we’re dealing with ensuring that 100 percent of the population, not 88 percent of the population, or 90 percent of the population. It’s for everybody.”