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House Passes Act Establishing Minimum Seat Size on Planes



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Airlines hoping to cram more and more passengers into tiny seats may soon be facing opposition from the FAA.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act passed through the House on Wednesday afternoon and is expected to receive Senate approval. It extends FAA funding for a further five years, but has an important rider attached to it.

The rider, called the Seat Egress in Air Travel (SEAT) Act requires the FAA to establish a minimum seat size and amount of legroom on planes.

“Safety should not take a back seat, especially a shrunken seat, to airline profits,” Congressman Steve Cohen (D.Tennessee.), who introduced the SEAT Act, said in a statement. “Tightly cramped seating on aircraft is a safety issue, and will now be taken seriously. The SEAT Act will ensure that shrinking seats on airplanes are evaluated in the interest of the safety of the flying public.”