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Flying High! Canadian Air Passengers Allowed to Bring Pot On-board Flights



Source: Shutterstock

Canadian passengers will soon be able to pack up to 30 grams of marijuana in their carry-on, or checked baggage once recreational use of the drug is legalized, but only on flights within Canada.

“After October 17, 2018, passengers will be permitted to have a legal amount of cannabis, which is 30 grams, in either their carry on or checked bag, if they are flying to a domestic destination,” Delphine Denis, spokeswoman for Transport Minister Marc Garneau, told the AFP.

However, passengers hoping to light up a joint while up in the air will have to wait until they land, with smoking on board flights still strictly prohibited.

According to the Associated Press, on October 17 Canada will become the second country, next to Uruguay, to allow the recreational consumption of cannabis. The law will limit personal possession to 30 grams and four plants per household.