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Climate Change Poses Threat to Florida’s Economy



Source: Pinterest

New research has found that the State of Florida is ranked as the region most vulnerable to climate change outside of China.

According to Reuters, climate risk specialists XDI assessed more than 2,600 regions worldwide, using climate models together with weather and environmental data to assess the economic damage that temperature rises could cause by 2050.
XDI found that China is home to 16 of the 20 regions of the world most vulnerable to climate change – but the State of Florida was the highest-ranking non-Chinese region.

Reuters reports the study is based on a 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit increase in temperatures by the end of the century, under a scenario drawn up by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

80 percent of the top 50 at-risk states and provinces in 2050 are in China, the United States, or India. Other countries with multiple provinces and states in the top 50 include Brazil, Pakistan, and Indonesia.