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American Tourist Fined for Eating and Drinking on Steps of Roman Fountain



Source: Wikimedia Commons

An American tourist is finding out the hard way just how seriously Italian police take Rome’s “Urban Decorum” rules.

According to The Guardian, the 55-year-old tourist was fined approximately $455 for eating gelato and drinking a beer on the steps of the Fontana dei Catecumeni in Rome’s Monti neighborhood.

The Guardian reports the man did not move when issued a warning by the police, so they gave him a fine.

According to the man, he was unaware he was breaking Rome’s ban on eating, drinking, and sitting at Rome’s fountains.

However, according to CNN, the American tourist wasn’t the only one who violated Rome’s “Urban Decorum” rules over the weekend. Police in Rome reportedly carried out more than 300 “decorum” checks over the same period.