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United Airlines Launches “Travel Ready Center” for COVID Testing



Source: United Airlines

United Airlines has become the first U.S. airline to offer its passengers access to in-airport coronavirus testing courtesy of its new “Travel Ready Center.”

According to CBS, the rollout allows passengers to book a ticket, schedule a test, and upload the results on the company’s app. The digital platform gives passengers a streamlined place to check COVID-19 requirements and book a test at the airport.

The new app will ensure relevant information is attached directly to passengers’ tickets based on where they are going.

The information is “based on the ticket that you purchased, tailored to you so that you will know everything that you need, particularly as all the COVID kind of landscape is changing,” United Airlines President of Digital Products Michelle Brown said in a statement reported by CBS.

Since the app launched three weeks ago, United says they have already seen hundreds of thousands of customers upload their COVID-19 test results before boarding their flights.