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Chrissy Teigen Slams American Airlines on Twitter



Source: Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen was apparently so appalled when pictures of a packed American Airlines flight were shared on social media, she took to Twitter to publicly slam the airline.

After it was announced American Airlines would start allowing full capacity on their flights, Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley shared a selfie of himself seated on a packed American Airlines flight.
Although everyone in the picture appeared to be wearing face masks, the plane looked to be at near-full capacity with the middle seats occupied.

“@AmericanAir: How many Americans will die bc you fill middle seats, w/ your customers shoulder to shoulder, hour after hour,” Merkley captioned the photo. “This is incredibly irresponsible. People eat & drink on planes & must take off masks to do so. No way you aren’t facilitating spread of COVID infections.”
Teigen retweeted Merkley’s post to her 13.1 million followers, captioning the post, “Not to be dramatic but American Airlines only cares about money and doesn’t care if you get sick and die.”

According to numerous media outlets, United Airlines have announced they will also be lifting limitations on seat capacity this month, however other airlines – including Delta and Southwest – will extend their limited seating to allow for better social distancing.