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Carnival Announces Nudist Cruise



Source: Carnival

As the cruise industry gears up to replenish all the money they have lost during the pandemic, Carnival will be catering to guests who won’t be bringing much clothing into their cabin.

According to TravelPulse, Bare Necessities – a company that offers nudist cruise events – will be hosting its “Big Nude Boat” event aboard Carnival’s Carnival Pride in 2022.

The “Big Nude Boat” cruise will depart on February 13, 2022, on a two-week voyage from Tampa. The cruise will make stops in Panama, Colombia, Bonaire, Curacao, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas, although guests must wear clothing any time the ship is in port.

“Passengers have requested longer cruises and many have extended their vacation by taking an admittedly less fun textile cruise before or after our charter,” a Bare Necessities spokesperson said in a statement reported by TravelPulse. “European and Aussie travelers have said they want longer cruises to make flying across the pond or from down under truly worthwhile.”

According to Fox News, Bare Necessities chose the Port of Tampa as its point of departure due to its “easy access from nudist resorts in Florida.”