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Airbnb Unveils Strict New Rules for Guests Under 25

Source: Alamy

Hoping to prevent sometimes destructive house parties, Airbnb will stop renting entire houses to some guests under 25, Travel+Leisure reports.

“The overwhelming majority of guests treat Airbnb listings like they’re in their own homes and neighborhoods, and 99.95% of trips on Airbnb have no safety-related issues reported,” the company wrote in a statement reported by Travel+Leisure. “But given the scale at which the Airbnb platform operates, we want to continue investing in solutions to get that percentage as close as possible to 100%.”

“Reducing the number of unauthorized house parties on Airbnb has always been a priority, and it’s more important now than ever,” the statement continued. “With public health mandates in place throughout the country, we’re taking actions to support safe and responsible travel in the United States.”

Airbnb announced guests 24 and younger with less than three positive reviews, or one negative review will not be allowed to book a whole house close to where they live. However, they can still book entire homes outside their area along with any private room or hotel room through Airbnb.

The move comes as Airbnb amps up staycations during the coronavirus pandemic by launching a campaign promoting vacation travel closer to home.

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