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TSA Expects 42 Million to Travel This Week



Source: Getty Images

Gearing up for a busier than normal holiday season, the TSA predicts an approximate 42 million people will travel by air this year – an increase of nearly four percent compared to last year, according to the Associated Press.

Warning of potential delays when going through security, the TSA is reminding passengers to keep presents unwrapped until they get to their destination and to avoid packing any liquids in their carry-on bags.
They are also urging passengers to arrive two hours early if flying from a busy airport to allow time for getting through security.

For those traveling via road, the outlook doesn’t look any better with AAA predicting this holiday season will be the busiest on record. According to WINK News, 115 million people are expected to be on the roads – an increase of 4.3 million compared to last year.

“Because the holiday falls on a Wednesday, we expect that congestion will be heavy, probably most so on the weekends,” a spokesperson told WINK News. “We also expect that congestion will be spread out a bit on the frontend or backend of the Christmas holiday.”