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Remote Antarctic Island Looking for New Post Office Staff and Penguin Counter!



Source: British Antarctic Territory via Google

If the idea of working on one of the remotest – and possibly, coldest – islands in the world sounds appealing, a British charity has the perfect job for you!

The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust is looking for the perfect team to help run Antarctica’s most remote post office on Goudier Island in Port Lockroy.

According to Travel+Leisure, the charity is accepting applications for three positions: base leader, shop manager, and general assistant.
Not only will the applicants be tasked with helping to keep Port Lockroy running as smoothly as possible, but they will also help “count penguins as part of efforts to monitor and protect the island’s Gentoo colony,” Travel+Leisure reports.

“Given the nature of the day-to-day tasks involved to keep Port Lockroy running smoothly, we look for applicants that can bring a range of skills to the team such as retail experience, heritage, conservation, building maintenance, and leadership or management,” UK Antarctic Heritage’s Lauren Luscombe said in a press release reported by Travel+Leisure.

“Each year, we receive hundreds of applications for these positions, and we hope this year will be no different,” the charity’s CEO Camilla Nichol said in a press release. “Our new team will be the driving force behind delivering the 2022/23 season, playing a vital part in once again bringing Port Lockroy and its museum to life for visitors from around the world.”

If this sounds like your dream job, the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust will be accepting applications through April 25, 2022.