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Miami Named Bon Appétit’s 2023 “Food City of the Year”



Source: Shutterstock
Miami, Florida, has been named “Food City of the Year” by the esteemed food and beverage magazine Bon Appétit.
The designation was awarded to Greater Miami and Miami Beach, with several restaurants singled out by the magazine, including Itamae in the Miami Design District, Rosies Backyard in Little River, Jaguar Sun in Miami, and Zak the Baker in Wynwood. “It was a clear winner for me,” Bon Appétit’s editor-in-chief Dawn Davis told CBS of the decision to crown Miami the Food City of the Year. “The food is outstanding. It used to be you would go to South Beach and you go to stay in South Beach and you eat in South Beach. Over the years, with Art Basel and other events, there’s more and more different places to explore.”
“The always-evolving city is buzzing with opportunity, and a wave of creative chefs and restaurateurs have picked up on that air of possibility,” Bon Appétit writes. “It’s led to a spate of daring, exciting restaurants that are contributing to the city’s rich culinary history while bringing entirely new dimensions to the dining scene.”
“These recent recognitions by leading voices in the culinary space validate Greater Miami and Miami Beach’s work and dedication to building and supporting a vibrant food and beverage community,” said David Whitaker, president and CEO of the GMCVB. “Culinary tourism is a strong motivator for travel, and we remain incredibly thankful to the chefs, restaurateurs, mixologists, and event producers who have helped make our local hospitality industry one of the best in the world.”