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France’s Energy Crisis Affecting Eiffel Tower Lights



Source: Pinterest

As Russia’s war in Ukraine deepens the energy crisis in Europe, France is looking to save energy by turning off the Eiffel Tower lights earlier at night.

According to the Associated Press, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said the Eiffel Tower lights, which normally stay illuminated until 1 a.m, will be plunged into darkness earlier in the evening, along with several other of the city’s monuments and municipal buildings.

France and other European countries face a risk of power shortages, blackouts, and rationing as the winter approaches due to Russia reducing natural gas supplies to countries supporting Ukraine, fueling inflation.

“It’s a symbolic, but an important step,” Hidalgo said in a statement reported by the Associated Press.

The Associated Press reports the Eiffel Tower lights will turn off at 11:45 p.m. beginning September 23rd. Other Paris landmarks, including the Saint-Jacques Tower, will have their lights turned off at 10 p.m.