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A Government Shutdown Could Affect Travel, Experts Warn



Source: Getty Images
With a government shutdown looming, experts are warning travel could be affected.
Although TSA screeners and air traffic controllers are deemed essential workers, the Associated Press is reporting those people won’t get paid until the shutdown ends. That could cause massive delays if TSA screeners decide to stay home amid pay delays.
And while Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg assured the public that air travel will remain safe if we go into a government lockdown, he revealed that training new air traffic controllers will stop and 1,000 trainees will be furloughed – and that’s a problem.
According to the Associated Press, airlines have already been complaining that a shortage of air traffic controllers has been causing flight delays and cancellations, with the Federal Aviation Administration asking Congress for money to hire new controllers.
CBS News reports that six in 10 Americans said they would cancel or avoid air travel if a government shutdown happens – and the news outlet reports that a shutdown could end up costing the US travel economy as much as $140 million per day.