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New Study Reveals Americans Find Air Travel Stressful



Source: Patryk-Kosmider-Fotolia
If you find air travel stressful, you’re not alone!
According to USA Today, a new study from Expedia has found that air travel is top stressor for 55 percent of respondents, with some even claiming that booking a flight and going to the airport creates more anxiety than filing their taxes or going to the dentist!
“People, according to the research, are really stressed about the possibility of their flights being canceled and experience those disruptions,” Christie Hudson, head of Expedia public relations in the U.S., told USA TODAY. “There’s some stress that’s happening even just from the planning process.”
So, if you’re an air travel stressor, Hudson shared with USA Today/em> a few tips to help qualm the anxiety.
Firstly, Expedia found that Sundays are the best day to book a flight, with research showing you could save around 6 percent on domestic flights and up to 13 percent on international ones.
Secondly, plan ahead to find the best fares. Hudson revealed you need to book your domestic flight 30 days in advance and 60 days in advance if traveling internationally. Expedia found prices for international flights peak about four months before departure, and come down about 10% around the 60-day mark, USA Today reports.
Excluding the Thanksgiving week, Expedia found that midweek is normally the best time to fly with Thursdays typically being the cheapest – and the time of day you depart is also important if you want to avoid cancellations and delays.
“The tip there is you need to take a morning flight. Around a third of travelers try to avoid morning flights because the whole getting up early and getting to the airport thing stresses them out,” Hudson told USA Today, adding “Expedia’s research showed flights are less likely to get canceled if they’re scheduled to depart before 3 p.m.”