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Bunk Beds Are Coming to Economy Flights on This Airline



Source: Air New Zealand
One airline is tackling the misery of trying to get some sleep in economy class by adding bunk beds to its fleet of planes.
According to the Washington Post, Air New Zealand will become the first-ever airline to install bunk beds on planes.
The Skynest will debut in September 2024 with six pods available to passengers on long-haul and ultra-long-haul flights.
“[Skynest] was really born out of our research telling us that sleep was core to customer experience,” Leanne Geraghty, chief customer and sales officer at Air New Zealand, told the Washington Post.
“Whether [passengers] purchase a ticket in Premium Economy or Economy, they have the opportunity to purchase a block of time to utilize the Skynest,” Geraghty added.
According to the Washington Post, Geraghty revealed Air New Zealand would be looking to sell the Skynest pods in four-hour blocks with a 30-minute buffer between sessions to allow the crew to clean and reset the pods with new linens.
“We know that most people undergo a 90-minute REM (rapid eye movement) cycle. So, the four-hour block allows them to have two of those REM cycles with time to wind down and then wake back up,” Geraghty told the Washington Post.