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Greece Hopes to Reopen to Tourists in May

Source: iStock

After making sure its elderly and vulnerable population has received the COVID-19 vaccine, Greece’s Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis has indicated they will move on to vaccinate those working in the tourism industry as the country attempts to reopen to visitors.

According to Lonely Planet, Greece hopes to jumpstart its lucrative tourism industry on May 14 – but with most countries, there will be specific protocols and rules in place.

Theocharis announced visitors will be welcomed back to Greece if they have received the COVID-19 vaccine, have tested negative for the virus, or have recovered from the disease and have antibodies against it.

“People who are vaccinated, have tested negative or recovered from the disease and have antibodies are welcome to Greece and we will welcome them irrespective of any agreements,” Theoharis told Reuters.

The country, whose travel industry accounts for about a fifth of the economy, is also urging Europe to adopt a common digital pass showing whether the bearer has received the COVID-19 vaccine, Lonely Planet reports.

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