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PPE Vending Machines Installed at Las Vegas Airport



Source: Getty Images

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is making it easy for travelers to get their hands on protective personal equipment (PPE) by installing vending machines throughout its terminals.

According to AFAR, the vending machines will carry PPE wear such as face masks and gloves.
McCarran International has become the first airport in the U.S. to install such vending machines and currently have three located throughout the airport with one in Terminal 3 near the security checkpoint and two in Terminal 1 by the ticketing area, AFAR reports.

Not only will the vending machines sell face masks and gloves, but AFAR reports travelers can also purchase hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and tissues.

“The airport had these installed because we want passengers to have access to the items they may need to feel confident and comfortable while traveling in current conditions,” McCarran spokesperson Christine Crews told AFAR, adding inventory may change depending on the needs of airport visitors.