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‘Must-Have’ Carry-On Items for Traveling Amid Coronavirus Fears

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If you’re hitting the airport anytime soon, you may be feeling a little apprehensive given all the concerns over the growing coronavirus fears.

However, unless you have underlying health issues that compromise your immune system, many travel experts advise keeping your travel plans – but making sure you are packing a few items to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses.

When packing your carry-on, make sure to throw in the following items:

Antibacterial Wipes – These are a must-have for traveling at any time. Not only will you want to wipe down the tray table and seat when you get on the plane, you will also want to whip out your antibacterial wipes once you’ve moved through security. With so many travelers from all over the globe placing their items inside the plastic security bins, germs can spread easily. So take a few minutes after going through security to wipe down anything you have placed inside the plastic bins before placing back inside your carry-on.

Hand Sanitizer – Look for a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. While hand sanitizer should not replace washing your hands with soap and hot water, it is helpful to have if you can’t get to a restroom.

Travel Bar of Soap – With so many people heeding the advice from medical professionals to wash their hands, it’s likely you may find yourself in a restroom that is out of soap. Packing a small bar of soap gets you around the airport’s 3-1-1 liquid rule. To pack, invest in a small compact soap travel case and place inside a plastic bag to avoid any mess.

Tissues and Face Wipes – The CDC has urged people to avoid touching their nose, mouth and eyes – and this is a great rule to follow when traveling. Make sure to pack travel tissues and face wipes, or baby wipes and use those when you need to wipe your mouth, blow your nose, or freshen up.

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