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Singapore Airlines Resuming its Long-Haul New York Flight



Source: Singapore Airlines

After being grounded for months thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Singapore Airlines’ longest flight in the world is set to return in November.

The airline’s 18 hour and 40-minute flight from Singapore to New York’s JFK Airport will take to the skies once again on November 9th, carrying on board, not just passengers, but also cargo.

“Operating these flights between Singapore and New York’s JFK International Airport represent an important step in the rebuilding of our global network,” Lee Lik Hsin, the executive vice president of commercial for Singapore Airlines, said in a statement. “Non-stop ultra-long services are the bedrock of our services to the key U.S. market. We will continue to ramp up existing services and reinstate other points as the demand for both passenger and cargo services return.”

The flight will operate three times per week for the 9,536-mile journey between the two airports.

According to Travel+Leisure, face masks will be mandatory throughout the flight and the airline will hand out personal care kits containing a face mask, hand sanitizer, and a disinfectant wipe.