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‘SwimShady’ the Orphaned Manatee Returning to Florida



Source: Cincinnati Zoo

It’s been a successful rehabilitation for ‘SwimShady’ and two other orphaned manatees who are set to return to their native Central Florida Waters soon!

The three manatees called Alby, Manhattan, and SwimShady have spent the past 18 months undergoing rehabilitation at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens after they were rescued in Central Florida.
According to ClickOrlando, Alby was rescued from the Halifax River in Volusia County, Manhattan was rescued from St. Augustine Beach, and SwimShady was rescued from the Berkley Canal in Brevard County.

“Our primary goal, as a second-stage care facility, is to provide plenty of food and get the manatees to a healthy weight,” Cincinnati Zoo curator Kim Scott said in a statement reported by ClickOrlando. “These three have consumed about 166,158 lbs of food, mostly lettuce, during their time here and have gained a combined total of about 1000 pounds.”

ClickOrlando reports SwimShady, Alby and Manhattan will be moved back to SeaWorld Orlando in early October. The park said the manatees will be released during the winter months when the manatees can identify with a warm water source to survive for years to come.