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Most Unusual McDonald’s Locations in the World



Source: Google

Have a hankering for a Big Mac or a McFlurry? If you are near any of these McDonald’s locations, make sure you check them out.

Ulsan, South Korea
Source: Jason Teale/Flickr

Visit this McDonald’s drive through for an experience out of this world. The location looks like something out of a sci-fi movie with its winged roof and neon colors.

Aswan, Egypt
Source: Alamy

Perhaps one of the most beautiful McDonald’s restaurants around the globe sits in Aswan, Egypt just along the Nile River.

Taupo, New Zealand
Source: Google

This McDonald’s restaurant is located inside a passenger plane and seats 20 customers.

Roswell, New Mexico
Source: Alamy

This McDonald’s restaurant located in Roswell, New Mexico is shaped like a UFO. The town reported a UFO sighting near the town of Roswell, giving meaning to its extraterrestrial shape.

Wicklow, Ireland
Source: Alamy

Located inside a town hall building, this location looks like no place fit for a fast food chain.