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Woman Completes Epic Journey Across Country on Rollerblades



Source: Instagram via yaniseho

After seven months, 3,850 miles and no money in her pocket, a woman has travelled from the U.S. coast to coast on rollerblades.
Twenty-three-year-old Yanise Ho made the decision to try and accomplish the feat with no money, instead relying on the generosity and kindness of strangers to help her fulfill her quest.
Travelling only with a 40lb backpack and a camera attached to a makeshift selfie stick to document her journey, Yanise started her travels in Florida and chronicled the seven months which included battling severe heat and brutal wind and rain.

The Hong Kong native wanted to prove that the kindness of strangers still exists and in the process raise awareness for the non-profit One Girl Can, which raises money to fund secondary school scholarships for girls in need.
“Every day I was hosted,” Yanise told Inside Edition of how kind people were to her on her journey. “I was fed. I just met so many great families…I just always believe people are kind.”