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What to Wear on a Long Haul Flight



Source: Pinterest

Long haul flights can be brutal, especially if you fly coach. To combat the monotony of sitting – and trying to sleep – in a tiny seat you need to pack well and most of all dress well.

Thanks to a surge in fashionable athleisure wear, you can be comfortably and trendy for long haul flights.

Here our our top five picks of what to wear on a long haul flight:

Elastic Waist Leggings or Wide PantsSource: Pinterest

Forget the cumbersome jeans when it comes to flying. A good pair of stretchy leggings, or wide legged palazzo pants are a long haul travelers best friend. You want something comfortable enough to stretch your legs in, curl up in, or try to sleep in. Stick to cotton for breath-ability. And forget wearing white, unless you want to look really grubby when you emerge at your destination. That also goes for linen. Although linen is great for breath-ability, it wrinkles really quickly.

Long Cotton Top
Source: Pinterest

Whether you pick a short or long sleeve top you want to go with cotton so your body can breathe. If you are wearing leggings you will want to choose a longer top that covers your tush area. Stick to darker colors, or patterns to avoid showing any stains or spillage that may happen.

Cotton UndiesSource: Soma

There is a time and place for cotton granny knickers and a long haul flight is just that. You don’t want to be spending hours in uncomfy underwear, so go for cotton undies and a bra that isn’t underwired. A tank top type bra is really comfortable for long haul flights. Once again cotton is your friend!

Sneakers or Ballet FlatsSource: Pinterest
You want something suitable should you have to run to your boarding gate, or heaven forbid exit an airplane in an emergency. Sneakers are a great option, or check out ballet flats for something equally comfortable but a tad more dressy. One tip is to pack a great pair of compression socks in your carry-on. There are comfortable to sleep in, help keep your feet warm and of course help prevent deep vein thrombosis.

Hoodie, or Long CardiganSource: Pinterest

Planes can get chilly, so you will want to have a long cardigan or hoodie. Hoodies are great for popping over your head when it’s time to try and catch some Z’s. If you are heading to sunnier climates, try packing a pashmina in your carry-on. You can use it on the plane for warmth and it will double as a swimsuit cover-up once you reach your destination.