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We Now Have a New National Park – and it’s Gorgeous!



Source: Lehman Dreamstime

The U.S. now has a new national park, bringing the number of national parks in the country up to 61.
Last week President Trump signed a bill making Indiana Dunes Lakeshore a national park – the first in the State of Indiana.
The 15,000 acre park stretches for 15 picturesque miles along the shore of Lake Michigan with gorgeous sweeping sand dunes leading down to the lake. It’s long been a popular spot with locals and day-trippers from Chicago, who flock to the area during the summer months for swimmer and sometimes even surfing. According to the Chicago Tribune, 3.6 million people visited the dunes last year.
The area also has much more to offer than sand and water. The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Park is also a haven for hikers, who take advantage of the park’s trails, prairie land and woodland areas alongside the dunes.

According to Condê Nast Traveler, Indiana has been trying for the past 103 years to upgrade the famous dunes.