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Air Travel Tips From a Frequent Flier

Source: Getty Images

As we gear up for the busy Spring Break travel season it’s worth listening to the advice of frequent fliers who can offer tips and tricks we probably haven’t thought of.

Not surprisingly, a recent series of tweets from frequent flier and creative producer, Taha Khan, has gone viral thanks to his common sense tips to help ease the discomfort of plane travel.

“I fly a lot,” Khan tweeted before sharing numerous tips he called “a thread of what I’ve learned.”

Here’s the full list of Khan’s top tips:

Never check bags. Pack for max 10 days & do laundry.

Jetlag hits you on the second night. Use melatonin.

When you get off the plane speed walk to passport control to beat everyone else.

Stretch and move regularly to help your blood circulate.

Moisturize lips and skin often to combat the dry air inside a plane.

Stick to podcasts, audiobooks, and music for entertainment. Khan says watching movies can dry out the eyes and leave you feeling rough.

Don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade at the gate. Sometimes they are cheap.

Invest in noise canceling headphones.

Neck pillows aren’t worth it, but a good eye mask is.

Always pack a power bank.

Pack snacks. Khan likes Skittles and M&M’s and also recommends picking up a bottle of orange juice once you’re through security to bring on the plane.

Wipe down the tray table with antibacterial wipes.

When kids are in school, Khan says it’s fine to arrive just 1.5 hours before an international flight is set to depart.

Keep your passport in your pocket, or within easy access so you don’t have to go digging for it.

Always remove belts, shoes, and jacket at security.

Keep electronics in your backpack.

Make sure you use good luggage. Khan recommends an Away Suitcase and a Peak Design Backpack.

Khan recommends always having a shortcut set up to alert someone if you have any trouble after landing.

And lastly, Khan suggests “being patient, smiley & friendly go a long way.”


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