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Always Freeze on a Plane? This is Why?



Source: Josic

We now finally know the reason why it is always so cold on an airplane and why it’s actually beneficial.

According to a study conducted by the American Society for Testing and Materials, plane passengers are far more likely to faint on board an aircraft versus on the ground. This is due to something called hypoxia – a medical condition that is actually pretty common in airline passengers. When the body’s tissues do not receive enough oxygen it causes a person to faint and unfortunately for those who dislike traveling on a freezing plane, an overheated cabin can increase the risk of someone fainting from hypoxia.

The study also found that “high cabin pressure can further trigger this reaction.”

Airlines choose to keep cabins on the chillier side to avoid having a passenger faint, but because all of us have different body temperatures some of us find these temps too cold.

Experts suggest dressing in layers when traveling via plane, so you bundle up, or strip down depending on just how cold your cabin is – and if things get really cold there’s always those scratchy airplane blankets to snuggle up under.