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150-Foot Ferris Wheel Coming to San Francisco



Source: Skystar

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is about to get a birthday present we can all enjoy – a 150-foot Ferris Wheel!

According to AFAR, the Ferris Wheel marks the 150th anniversary of the park’s founding on April 4, 2020, and will help kick-off a whole year of festivities and celebrations.

AFAR reports each of the wheel’s climate-controlled 36 cars can accommodate up to six people. The 12-minute ride will offer stunning views across downtown San Francisco in the east, to across the Pacific Ocean to the west and the mouth of San Francisco Bay to the north.

Residents and tourists will be able to ride on the Ferris Wheel through March 21, 2021 with tickets costing $18 per adult and $12 for seniors, or children under the age of 13.