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United Airlines Replacing Biscoff Cookies



Source: Getty Images

The news that United Airlines will replace Biscoff Cookies with a different cookie choice has left some customers feeling pretty crummy.

United Airlines announced last week it will be replacing its complimentary Biscoff Cookies with Oreo Thins – and the news has left the internet somewhat divided.

In a statement to CNN, United confirmed the change, revealing, “As promised, we continue to switch up our snacks for variety,” Andrea Hiller, a spokesperson for United, said in a statement.. “Our customer-favorite stroopwafel is staying in the mix and we’re adding Oreo Thins in March.”
Affronted United customers took to Twitter to share their displeasure, with one angry Biscoff fan asking, “where is the person who would prefer an in-flight OREO THIN to a Biscoff? Where are they? I don’t believe they exist.”
“United dropping Biscoff in favor of Oreo is another reason to choose a different airline,” another Twitter user suggested.
Meanwhile Delta was quick to jump in on the Biscoff debacle, telling potential flyers, “Yep, still got ‘em.”

According to Eater, the change may only be temporary, with a United Airlines spokesperson confirming to the news outlet the change is part of its periodic snack rotation throughout the year and the airline plans to bring back Biscoff to United flights sometime in May.