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30-Acre Surf Adventure Park Coming to Tampa Bay



Source: Peak Surf Park

Australian-based company Surf Lakes has confirmed it will build a 30-acre Peak Surf Park in Tampa Bay.

According to Patch, the surf adventure park is slated to open sometime in 2025.
Although the exact location has yet to be revealed, the park is intended to be a surf destination that will also feature a half-mile of pristine beaches, concert and event venues, bars and restaurants, fitness amenities, and much more.
Surf Lakes is a leader in surf pool technology, and Tampa Bay’s Peak Surf Park will feature Surf Lakes’ patented wave mechanism, which provides consistent ocean-like waves suitable for beginners and experts alike.
“Beyond tapping into the widespread surf culture and introducing a destination to the Tampa Bay area that will draw interest from all over the world, we’re creating a shared experience that every single member of this community will benefit from in some way,” Peak Surf Park’s founder Tony Miller said in a statement reported by Patch. “Surfing is truly just the start of what we’re hoping to build here.”