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Priyanka Chopra Reveals Her Long-Haul Flight Tips



Source: Getty Images

As a busy actress and philanthropist, Priyanka Chopra has logged thousands of air miles during her lifetime, and – as part of ALL – Accor Live Limitless campaign – Chopra is ready to talk about all things travel, including her top tips for surviving long-haul flights.

Chopra sat down with Condé Nast Traveler to talk about her best strategies for long-haul flights, revealing, “Oh, I have a plan.”
“One of the longer flights that I usually take is Los Angeles to Dubai to go to Mumbai, or L.A. to London to go to Europe,” Chopra told Condé Nast. “Both of those flights I do very frequently, but I love a long flight, because when you get to the airport, after you’re checked in and everything, I love sitting in the lounge and making sure that I look at all the snacks, have a glass of wine.”

“Then I get onto the flight, and I’ll change into my comfies, wearing anything that is super comfortable during the flight so I’m not staining the clothes that I wore,” Chopra shared. “I moisturize my hands and feet, I put my socks on, and I look at the menu, usually. I love to see what they’re serving for food. I’m just curious about food wherever I go. Then I will check out the newest movies. If I’m in the mood for a classic, maybe a classic.”
“I watch a movie, go to sleep, wake up 45 minutes before I land, change back into clothes I’m going to land into, freshen up, have an espresso, and I’m ready for my day,” Chopra said of her long-haul flight regime.

Since COVID hit, Chopra told Condé Nast she is yearning for a different type of trip.

“I feel like [with] COVID, so many of us are scared to travel for leisure,” Chopra shared with the mag. “I want to take a holiday for fun! I would go anywhere, honestly, but Hawaii would be awesome.”