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Self-Care Tops the Travel Trends for 2022



Source: Getty Images

After nearly two years of navigating the coronavirus pandemic many of us are itching to get traveling once again – and, not surprisingly, vacations that embrace different forms of self-care are topping the travel trends for 2022.
Whether it’s visiting a resort that offers spa treatments, a meditation retreat, or a trip to somewhere that holds spiritual significance, 2022 travel is going to focus a lot on rejuvenation and mental and physical wellbeing.
According to the Hindustan Times, eco-tourism will also be big as people look to embrace more sustainable travel. This could mean combining a vacation with volunteer opportunities or choosing locations that offer eco-friendly tourism and allow us to get outside and into nature.
It’s hardly surprising that a lot of tourists are looking to book that much-longed-for “bucket-list” vacation. Struggling through the pandemic has made many people realize just how fragile life is, the Hindustan Times reports, and how our freedom to travel can be curtailed in an instant. Expect to see lots of once-in-a-lifetime trip bookings, whether that means snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, exploring Kenya via a safari, reveling in the culture of some of Europe’s most historic cities, or taking a cruise to a far-flung location.