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Paris Named the World’s Most Powerful City for Tourism



Source: Pinterest

Paris has been named the world’s most powerful city for tourism by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

The WTTC, a nonprofit travel industry, analyzed tourism data from 2022 to see where travelers spend the most money.

According to CNN, Paris topped the list for 2022, with travelers spending a whopping $35.6 billion in the French capital.

The study looked at not only what tourists spend on hotel rooms and museum tickets but also how much money local and national governments and businesses are investing in tourism in the cities.

As Paris prepares to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, CNN reports that the city is investing in infrastructure, security, and other measures to prepare for the big event.

These are the Top Ten Most Powerful Cities for Tourism in 2022, according to the WTTC:

1. Paris, France
2. Beijing, China
3. Orlando, Florida
4. Shanghai, China
5. Las Vegas, Nevada
6. New York, New York
7. Tokyo, Japan
8. Mexico City, Mexico
9. London, UK
10. Guangzhou, China