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Flight Prices Expected to Drop by 25 Percent



Source: Getty Images

A reprieve may be around the corner if you’ve been itching to take that long-awaited vacation but haven’t been willing to pay for that inflated airline ticket.

According to Travel+Leisure, Hopper is predicting flight prices are expected to drop by 25 percent as we move into August and early fall.

Hopper predicts the average airline price will decrease to $286 this month, or 3 percent lower than this time last year, and remain at or below $300 through September, Travel+Leisure reports.

“Flight prices drop seasonally in late August through mid October, as demand tapers off following the peak vacation months in May, June and July,” Hopper said in a statement reported by Travel+Leisure. “The drop this year is larger than usual as a result of the abnormally high summer prices and earlier peak in demand.”